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out these funny lines. Our appetizer and cokes came while I was red faced from laughing. It was slightly humorous stuff, but mostly it was Willie's facial expressions and his own laughter that struck me as being so funny. The harder I laughed, the harder Willie laughed... laughing at his own memorized jokes. Willie didn't indian xnxx realize the waiter was standing behind him at first. And, by the way... the xnxx korea waiter did have a cute video porno smile in sex video his not-so-cute face. When the waiter laughed along with Willie and me, site xnxx that made Willie look up xnxx japan and see xnxx. com him, and say, "Oh, our fried cheese and sodas" The waiter nodded xnxx teen his head in the affirmative and said, "Dude, those woman personal ad things are funny, aren't they? Did ya see the ones in Boston Magazine last month?" While the waiter was putting down our stuff Willie sincerely said, "I forget where I read those. It could xnxx com/ have been Boston magazine. I'm always looking for interesting xnxx com/ things to talk about in case I have a date for the evening, perhaps some of it will occur to me to talk about." That stopped xnxx tamil the sex video waiter and xnxx movies me in our tracks... nothing to say to indo xnxx that, but it xnxx korea made me think, "Willie is always, always nice... and xnxx selingkuh directly honest to everybody". While eating our ribs Willie told me a number of things that reminded me of Chubby's "factoids" and my curiosity finally video xnxx got the best of me so I asked, "Willie, did you actually memorize sex xnxx all these things just to be www.xnxx able to use them for dinner conversation tonight?". He got real red in the xnxx sex videos face, did a fake cough, and asked me, "How did you know I memorized everything, Dylan?" I made a face and shrugged my shoulders like "it's no wwwxnxx big deal" and he added, indian xnxx "I was afraid nothing would occur to me that was interesting and you'd be bored on our date". He looked humiliated... like he'd xxxx be caught doing something wrong. It was so xxx unusual I was speechless again... what to say to such openness? He admitted to memorizing his dinner conversation. https // I decided on honesty of my own, "Damn Willie, that strikes me as being so fucking considerate of you... to care that much, I mean. Thank you, Willie" He was looking less chagrined now and I finished up xnxx tv with, "I loved the xnxx japanese memorized parts of your conversation tonight, but I've always liked your extemporaneous conversation very much too. I think you're a special and interesting person." He swallowed hard and squeaked out, "You're special too." After xxx xnxx saying that stuff, and japan xnxx with xnxx videos Willie discontinuing the memorized aspect of our dinner conversation, neither gay xnxx of us could think of anything to say. It got real awkward until I said, xnxx indo "Oops Willie, let go back to the memorized stuff..." and we both xnxx jav laughed. It was easier going from then on. Frankly, Willie was xxx videos generally interesting to me because of his unique "take" on dating... exploring xvideos the ins and outs of that alone could hold my interest for any number of dinner conversations. Plus, there's always the periods of xnxx com/ quiet time... I felt that just looking at him was fun. He was fun to be xxx video with... period. After dinner we found where we'd parked the car and Willie drove us xnnx into Cambridge, Massachusetts. We porno xnxx were looking for The Brattle Theatre where sex videos Willie wanted us xnxx. com to see a gay oriented movie, xnxx app "Shelter". He'd been here a couple of dozen times but according to Willie driving around Cambridge in a car is never easy. Luckily he found a parking spot two blocks from the theatre so we got out and he locked up the car saying, "You're my xnx good porn xnxx luck charm, Dylan. This is the best parking spot I've ever found when coming here for a movie." Then he motioned for me to come near him and he got me around my waist with his right arm... like that we slowly walked to the Brattle. There were other gay couples mixed in with obviously straight ones... none of them paid any attention to us. I didn't see anyone I knew, which is a good thing... Willie knew a few and he said "Hi" xnxx porno to xnxx bokep them as we walked. There was a long line outside xnxx indian the movie theatre that xxx Willie ignored as he led porn videos me along the line toward the front. We stopped fairly close to the front and Willie goes, "There they are. Hi Martin! ... Hi Jeremy!'. Two slightly older looking guys turned and gave Willie big smiles. Both were shorter than Willie and me... about five feet seven inches and stocky. They were "OK" in the looks department, nothing special... xnxx japan both wore earrings and both had a tattoo on their neck... I thought, "Ugh!" to that. They weren't touching each other, but something about them labeled them "gay"... I would have thought that same thing no matter where I happened to see them. The one with the died blond hair said, "My favorite stromo, Willie Worthington. Hi sweetheart... and you've got yourself a boyfriend. Oh, Martin look... now we see why our young friend has that butch, retro haircut... his girlfriend has it too." The two guys chuckled in a nice way and xnxx/ the japan xnxx real blond said to Willie, "Come on honey, you and your boyfriend get xnxx hot here in line with us." The people behind him mumbled and grumbled, but no one had the balls to challenge us for butting in front of the line. Willie introduced me to Jeremy and Martin as "my boyfriend, Dylan Newman"... and then introduced his friends to me... Martin Remingdom was the real blond and Jeremy Goldman had died blond hair. "They're not boyfriends, Dylan... just friends who xnxx bokep hang out together and do some random sex now and then." "More rare than random", Martin xnxx videos said... and then goosed sex Jeremy. While the line was moving at a indo xnxx snail's pace, I learned xnxx com how Willie knew these xnxx download guys. Martin worked for a lawn service that did work on the Worthington property. One day last summer Willie took some bottled water out for the workers and gave a bottle to Martin... Martin had his gaydar on which "outed" Willie on the spot. Willie chimed in with, "Oh Dylan... you xnxx vina garut should have seen Martin. No shirt on, just short/shorts with his hairy legs bulging with muscles and he was all sweaty and hunky looking... plus I was horny. I hadn't seen Larry for three weeks by then." I smiled, but couldn't think of anything to say to that except.. yuck!. It's always entertaining though, watching Willie's animated expressions ... he gets so excited about things. Well, https // the story goes on that last summer, one thing led to another, and Willie and Martin ended up in one bokep xnxx of the five car garage bays... Willie blowing Martin and Martin blowing Willie... both, to beat the band. In the weeks that followed, Martin also began banging Willie regularly and Martin added, "Willie's my xnxx hindi favorite twink forever, but alas, he's too young for me... I'm twenty-two now. So, I'm trying to seduce this old guy I'm with, Mr Jeremy Goldman, who's even older than I am." Jeremy says, "Yeah, two months older". They were funny, those two... and let me tell xnxx barat ya, there was no shortage of conversation with Martin and Jeremy on the scene... no need to memorize xnxx video something to say with them around. They were outrageous, but really nice too... I enjoyed their company. Inside the theatre there wasn't any talking at all once the movie started. Martin and Jeremy sat there like two regular movie goers, but not xnxx com Willie and me. He had to have his arm around my neck and my head pulled over to his... in a short while, I rested my forehead against the side of Willie's head and he'd turn his head to kiss the side of my face from time xnxxx xxx videos to time. I wasn't annoyed by this slightly embarrassing position. First of all he smelled so good, and also he's the first gay boy in my life that I bokep xnxx truly liked... so, it was nice to xnxx download touch him and nice to feel so "wanted" by him. Every so often Willie would whisper in my ear, so low I could hardly hear him... "I love you porno xnxx so much, Dylan. I love everything about you" and he'd kiss the side of my face https // and hold it for fifteen or twenty seconds. He gives me the hardest xxnn boners. As the credits were running at the end of the movie Willie twisted our faces together and he did his world famous make-out... stopping just seconds before I blew a load in my pants... I was panting by the time Willie said, "Guess we should get out of here now, Dylan". He says he xnxx jav loves me... I don't know that I love him, but I'm getting a huge crush on him. The more time I spend with him the hotter I think he is. It surprises me each time xnxx asia I upwardly reevaluate my opinion xnxx. com of Willie. I started out thinking I'm just having a fun time with a kooky boy, but more and more it's xnxx indo looking like the kooky boy is getting me seriously hooked on him. Martin and Jeremy were waiting for us outside and the four of us went to a Starbucks one block over. After getting our drinks we took them outside mom xnxx and sat on xxx video a bench in a common area to enjoy the drinks along with some small talk. Not sure what kind of xnxn drink I should try, Willie decided for me and bought me a sweet ice coffee thingie that was sort of like a milkshake. It's the first drink from Starbucks I've ever had and it was real good too. Jeremy talked about his last date who he called his "one hit wonder"... meaning, I think, that the guy never called Jeremy again porno after that sex one time. Martin complained about his latest boyfriend who broke-up with Martin a month ago... "He was a total size queen and I guess, in the end, I simply didn't have enough size". They laughed at stuff xnxx arab I didn't really get, but that's OK... it was enjoyable hanging with gay guys. They treated me well and I felt like I belonged with them. We all liked the movie... it was about a surfer dude who wwwxnxx falls for his best friend's brother. There were a couple of sub plots, one involving a young xnxxcom kid who looked-up, as in hero worship, to the gay guy. One of the things I really liked japanese xnxx about the movie is that the gay guys were like Willie and me... straight acting. That's what Martin meant when he called Willie "stromo". They also called us "twinks" but all in good fun. I learned that Chubby and I do some "manscaping" and we didn't even realize we were doing it... we shave our legs and crotches. By the way, xnxx porn that information about shaving my legs was not shared xxnxx with the group... they'd been talking about another guy they knew who was into "manscaping" big time and I asked what that xvideo meant... and now I xnnn know. This area in Cambridge is what the guys called a gayborhood because it's gay friendly. Jeremy wanted Willie and me to join them at this gay club they were members of that featured great "homo hits"... that's gay japanese xnxx club music. I need to take notes on all the gay xnxx cina slang so I can remember it. Willie knew it all... he hung with these two, as well as with other gay kids closer xnxx anime to his age who lived videos xnxx around here. It was somehow nice knowing Willie had these gay friends. I'd sort of been under the impression he was an isolated loney boy, but I'm glad to be wrong about that... he seems to be popular. It made xxnxx me wonder why he let video xnxx Larry control him so much during the school year. Willie politely declined the invitation to go dancing with Martin and Jeremy telling them nxxn he had other responsibilities to fulfill for his date... wink, wink. The last thing I learned is this...Willie and I are both what's called, in gay sexual parlance, "versatile"... meaning we're comfortable being "top" or "bottom". Listening to those three describing gay guys www xnxx they'd known I xvideos felt maybe the term "versatile bottom" was more accurate for me... so far anyway. That means I'm OK with top or bottom, but I xnxx hot prefer being xnxx stories a bottom... I think that's what xnxx japan it means. I was surprised to hear Willie claim that he was the opposite.. he was a "versatile top". Willie preferred being a top. Now I had nxxn to wonder if Willie was exaggerating his sexual exploits to these guys because he's only been a "top" once in his life... that one time he fucked me. Interesting that Willie would embellish his sexual conquests to impress these two... he was always so openly honest with everyone... that's been my experience with him anyway. The whole night was interesting though ... and it was only xnxx .com nine-thirty. Willie, finishing his drink, announced he had to get his date home to bed. Martin porn and Jeremy laughed and clapped saying, "Yeah baby! You do him good stud... love ya Willie." They hugged Willie and then me saying how I was a lucky guy having Willie for a boyfriend xnx xnxx porno and Martin added, "You didn't do too bad for yourself either, Willie. Way to go... Dylan looks xxxx like a keeper, sweetheart!" They joked about Willie letting them know if xnxx jepang he breaks-up with me... they want my phone number and so forth. It xnxx hd xnxx japanese was all in good fun, like I said before... and I could tell it xnxx mom built up Willie's self-image and made him feel great. I'm happy about that. With his arm around my waist, xnxx india we walked back to the car... Willie assuring me, as we tamil xnxx walked, that the night had just begun. It was a chilly ride back to Weston because Willy xnxx sex wanted the top down. With the zoo xnxx night temperature dipping into the mid-sixties we needed the heater blasting and the windows up... the top down still made for a chilly ride. I had to smile while we were driving up the xnxx jepang Worthington's driveway because it's so ridiculously long... the last time I was here I thought it was a xnxx sex video street, not a driveway... a xnxx teen street without houses. His parents were away... Willie's mother was xxnx in Scotland sight seeing with her sister and his father was in New York City on business. Willie was on his own... well, free porn he did have the full time chef, Ruman Dieze, xnxxx and executive secretary, xnxx vina garut Paul sex Windell, to assist him. The executive secretary ran the household... doing everything a normal homeowner would do. Paul's wife, Martha, xnxx sex video supervised the upkeep of the house... that is, the housecleaning and food purchasing. So the caretakers ran the mansion and once in a while the owners, www xnxx Willie's parents, showed up to stay there... in much the same way one stays at a hotel. Theoretically, the Windells were in charge of Willie too... his guardians, but in actuality he came xnxx 2019 and went as he pleased. Nice vina garut xnxx arrangement. And, oh yeah, nxxn Willie's "allowance" was two hundred dollars a xnxx anime week... so, OK Willie, you get the check xnxx indian for dinner. He held my hand walking from the car to the side door of his house. Just inside the house Willie got my head between both hands and kissed me till I was again on the verge vidio xnxx of cuming in my pants. My arms were around his waist and he had my body squirming... I loved xnxx cina making-out with porn xnxx this cute boy... he was the best make-out artist ever... how could anyone be better? Oh my God, I had a dripping boner when Willie asked, "Do you want to get fucked first tonight, Dylan? ... pleeeeze." He'd managed to turn a question into begging to get his own way, which Willie is comfortable gay xnxx and adroit at doing ... I said, "Fuck me first Willie. Sure, I'd really like that"... Willie murmured, "Good... I'll do you real hot, Dylan" and he held me tightly to his body... his boner felt so long, poking sideways in his pants. When he'd finished his hug, up the stairs to his room we go with xxnx Willie again leading me by my hand. Inside his room Willie was breathless, wheezing out, "I'm so xnxx com aroused, Dylan. Let's get undressed quickly". We got out of our clothes and Willie lapsed back into copying his roommate Larry, "Down on your knees and suck my cock... right over here" as he pointed to an area of thick Oriental carpet right in front of him. I said, "Don't start up with that bossy shit, Willie" and xvideo he goes, "Pleeeze Dylan, just do xnxx mom it". Well, it was half an xnxx sex videos order and the other half a plea so I got down on my knees in front of him and sucked his cock into my xnxx gay mouth. It's not like I didn't want to suck him off... it's pretty much a thrill to me, sucking teen cocks... especially one as long and special as Willie's. Very youthful healthy looking erect penis sticking out of a rather short sparse pubic patch that xnxx porn smelled nice... Willie had a very boyish smell like I've noticed on a few other boys... tamil xnxx not all videos xnxx boys, but some... sunny leone xnxx Chubby and the Dickers brothers are like that. Sucking and lapping just xnxx. the head of his cock first... it's my favorite part of blowing a kid, sucking the head of his cock. Plenty of saliva so the swollen head slides around my lips, and my tongue slips over it easily... then the tip xnxx indian of my tongue in the pee slit for ten to fifteen seconds to get it gaping open. Willie was huffing and puffing bursts of air as he ran his fingers through my flattop hair. I still have to say, in my very limited experience, Carl has the best cock head I've sucked. His dick is short, but the cock head is firm and slightly enlarged. You know who else is porn xnxx like that... Chubby, that's who. Of course I've only sucked his cock's head in my dreams. His cock is even shorter than Carl's... same kind of cock head xnxx tamil though, and would I ever love mom xnxx to suck porno that baby for sex videos real. Just japan xnxx to see if I could still xnxxcom do it, I pushed my head forward with my mouth opened and my throat relaxed... Willie's boner slid down my throat and my nose buried in his bush. Oh my God, he smells good. I bobbed back off till the head of his cock was at my lips again... and then swallowed his boner after sucking on the head for a couple seconds. Willie went up on his toes groaning and blowing long exhales through his lips making that steamed heat sound. Keeping his boner zoo xnxx in my www.xnxx throat I rubbed my nose around his pubes and did swallowing motions on his cock. I could actually feel his cock head begin to expand and I heard Willie say, "No, I'm xnxx indo going sunny leone xnxx to cum" and he pulled back till xnxx desi his cock slipped out of my mouth. A string of saliva and precum connected the head of his cock to my tongue. Willie turned away, breaking the strand, xnxx arab and hurried into his bathroom where free porn I heard water splashing in the sink. Getting up I went over to look and there was Willie running cold water on the head of his cock. The very thought of doing sex xnxx that to myself made me shudder. "I want to fuck you soooo bad, Dylan, and I almost blew my load down your throat. Martin's the only other person to ever sucked me off and it didn't feel nearly as hot as when you just did it. Holy shit! Dylan... that took me by surprise. It felt awesome, but right now I want to fuck your boy pussy". I go, "Willie!!! No boy pussy talk" and he xvideos went, "Oh yeah... xnxx indonesia I'm so xxn use to Larry and Carl calling my ass that. You and me are different... huh, Dylan?" I nodded at him with half a smile... he was using a hand towel to dry his cock, which was still hard despite all that cold water... he's a horny boy, truly amazing. He'd started doing the same kind of vidio xnxx panting that almost caused him to hyperventilated at his mother's party. He'd also been doing that panting thing in between those long exhales while I was sucking him off xnxx sex too... I xnxx barat wondered if he'd have another one of his breathing attacks... you know, when we start fucking. Watching this naked teenager drying his boner I smiled, feeling lucky. I'd forgotten how hot Willie's slim naked body was. And that was true even though his body didn't have hardly any muscular definition... maybe I need to describe it as skinny, rather then slim, but so what... that didn't bother me, I liked skinny. His skin was flawless, no random pimples or hairy parts and I liked the way he was so comfortable being naked. I was always a tad self-conscious being totally naked in front of someone. Everything porn about Willie was xnxn "longish" but it was very cute too... slightly longish shaped xnxx india head and nose, long arms and legs and xnxx/ feet... and penis. He had japanese xnxx a very tamil xnxx youthful looking face, as well as the youthful body I just mentioned ... including his www xnxx com seven-plus inch long boner, that looked youthful too. It was still sticking straight out from his sparse pubes at the moment... xnnx very hard and wet at the tip again from a couple drops of precum. My own boner had been dripping while I sucked Willie's cock, but it was only semi-hard now. Even when it's totally hard and xnxx gay erect it didn't exceed six inches... and looked shorter than that xnxx video when next to Willie's. Taking deliberate deep breaths Willie says to me, "In my bed now...please, Dylan... and on your back". I pulled back his top sheet... the xnxx/ purple sheets from last week had been xnxx video replaced with black silk ones... very sexy and cool to the touch. Getting comfortable laying on my back with my head on Willie's pillow...the lights went down low and music came up high... a big sound from many stereo speakers at different places in his bedroom. The song that blasted out was one I recognized right away. Chubby www xnxx com and me were familiar with it... it was Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" porno ... Willie had a xnxx stories rendition of that song xnxx asia by gay xnxx K D Lang... xnxx sex videos her powerful voice filled the room, a full orchestra behind her. It sent chills through my body... the music up so loud. Without commenting about his choice of music, Willie climbed on top of me wrapping his arms around my neck. His breathing xnxx 2019 was slightly labored at video porno first, but calmed down as he started his unbelievably hot style of making-out. A lot of tongue, lips and saliva... sucking and kissing all around my mouth, face and neck. xnxx app He'd concentrate on one spot for thirty seconds vidio xnxx till I was squirming with pleasure. The smell of him... the feel of his skinny body and his smooth skin... and with that music filling my head, it was so sexual. I ran my fingers through his flattop hair... so soft and silky. It was so soft I couldn't believe he could get xnxx .com it to stand up as straight as he did. xnxx tv I rubbed his head and the back of his neck and moaned with pleasure as another rendition of "Hallelujah' followed K D Lang's... and another after that, Jeff Buckley, Bon jovi, John Cale... all doing their version of xnxx that beautiful song... and on and on, and another and another. Some with xxnn lots of string instruments and high pitched back-up singers and some xnnn with just acoustic guitar or just piano... all different renditions of the same highly inspirational song... powerful, magnificent music swarmed the room from every direction. I was gasping for oxygen and groveling under Willie's skinny site xnxx body... anxious for xnxx indonesia xnxx indonesia his sex. Willie was relentless, as if he were a starving animal who was intent on devouring me. He did humps with his hips all the time we made out, using his knees to slowly, little by little, push my ass up slightly ... just up off the mattress. After a bit I just naturally pulled my feet toward my body and then raised my legs, bending at the knees and, as he inched his knee against my buttocks, I spread my knees apart and surrendered my hole to Willie... perfectly situated for Willie xnxx bokep to fuck. The powerful music echoed all around us... I wanted him inside me so badly by now I was making small moans and pressing my ass against his crotch. His long boner was laying zoo xnxx hard between my legs, right on top of my own throbbing, dripping erection.... the tip of my xnxx vina garut boner reaching only to just below xnxx hindi were the vina garut xnxx head of Willie's began. I gasped xnxx telugu for air... it was so sensual, Willie laying on me like this. He lifted his head, sweat on his forehead, a pinkish flush to his face and he grunted, just barely above the music, "You ready for it, Dylan?" All video porno I could do was nod my head "yes". My face was sweaty too, but mostly saturated with Willie's spit. It added to the feeling of being slippery and slimy and ready for sex. He moved away from me slightly and I felt his wet xnxx selingkuh cock head at my hole... without hesitating he hump it right inside me hard... xxx videos no lube except precum. I swear to God it hurt, but I didn't care, I sang out with the song. 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